The information you’ll find on The Ranch and Preserve (as well as the descriptions of hikes along the trails of Daley Ranch) was compiled and arranged by William (Bill) Sherrard, in his e-book A Hiker’s Guide to the Trails of Dixon Lake and Daley Ranch.

Bill has compiled a brief history of Daley Ranch, which you’ll find on The Ranch and Preserve page; click the link in the sub-menu at right. There is additional information on the history of the Daley family in Escondido at the City’s web site.

The pages under this General Info and History section will also include information about other activities at the Ranch, such as mountain bike and horseback riding, and on the recent history of wildfires that affected the Ranch and Dixon Lake. Request to Volunteers: if you have any other information about the Paradise FIre in 2003 or earlier fires on the Ranch, please let me know.