The content on this page is from William Sherrard's e-book
Hiker’s Guide to the Trails of Dixon Lake and Daley Ranch.

The Diamond Back Trail is a 0.42 mile trail between Coyote Run Trail on the southeast and Sage Trail at the northwest terminus. It is a single lane trail without any steep hills or rough terrain to transverse.
It is a 1.13 mile hike to the southern trailhead for the Diamond Back Trail. Getting to the trailhead involves hiking 0.66 miles east on the Cross Creek Trail, thence north on the East Ridge Trail for 0.15 miles and then 0.32 miles north to the trailhead for Diamond Back.
The altitude at the trailhead is 1,480 feet. The trail rises to an altitude of 1,587 feet during the 0.42 mile hike to its intersection with the Sage Trail. At its northern end the trail elevation drops to 1,538 feet.
Once you get to the trailhead be sure and set your GPS Odometer to 0.00 before starting the hike. This will allow you to discern the point on the trail where the slide photographs were taken.
There is one lonely tree near the trailhead and several trees that were burned in a serious fire in 2003. The trees burned by the fire make interesting silhouettes against the sky.
Shortly after leaving the trailhead there is a rock outcropping on the left side of the trail. Just beyond the outcropping is a view of the level terrain that the trail goes through.
At 0.26 miles from the trailhead is another example of a tree killed by fire. It is in stark contrast to the new green foliage growing up around its base.
The trail continues level, passing through an arbor like canopy of trees and shrubs. The tree on the left shows evidence of a fire passing through this section of the park.
A short distance beyond the canopy of trees and shrubs the first view of Mallard Pond is visible on the left side of the trail. The next few slides show views of the water from the Diamond Back Trail.
The trail ends at its intersection with the Sage Trail. Sage is one of the longer trails on the Ranch continuing west to the Ranch buildings and southeast to the Dixon Lake Recreation Area.