The content on this page is from William Sherrard's e-book
Hiker’s Guide to the Trails of Dixon Lake and Daley Ranch.

The Rock Ridge Trail is a 0.6 mile trail between the south and north loops of the Boulder Loop Trail. It is an easy to moderate hike with a 200 foot altitude difference from the trailhead to the highest point on the trail.
The Rock Ridge Trailhead is 1.12 miles from the trailhead for Ranch House Road. One traverses 0.67 miles north on Ranch House Road to the trailhead for the southern loop of the Boulder Loop Trail. The Rock Ridge trailhead is 0.45 miles west of the Ranch House Road trail on the Boulder Loop trail.
Getting to the Rock Ridge trailhead involves climbing two rather steep sections on the Ranch House Road Trail and the Boulder Loop Trail. As you leave the Ranch House Road trailhead near the parking lot on La Honda Drive there is a rather steep hill to climb. The second steep hill is shortly after leaving the Ranch Road Trail at the southern terminus of the Boulder Loop trail.
When you arrive at the Rock Ridge Trailhead be sure and set your GPS odometer to 0.00. The trailhead sign indicates the trail is 0.6 miles long. This concurs with the reading on our GPS unit at the trail’s end.
It was a foggy morning when I started my hike on Rock Ridge Trail. However, the fog soon burned off and the day turned sunny.
After one passes the first rock outcropping to the right of the trail the trail is level and easy to follow. There are a few trees and shrubs along this section of the trail. (Click on the image at right for a brief slideshow!)
The plant life along the trail is mostly a repeat of the plant life we saw at the beginning of the trail. The next few slides provide views of the trail and the plants and shrubs along the trail.
At the 0.44 mile on the trail is the beginning of a series of rock outcroppings. They range from small to quite large.
The last rock outcropping before the trail’s end rises several feet above the trail. The trail terminates when it intersects with the northern portion of the Boulder Loop Trail.