The content on this page is from William Sherrard's e-book
Hiker’s Guide to the Trails of Dixon Lake and Daley Ranch.

Creek Crossing is a short trail that follows the southern border of Daley Ranch. To reach the trailhead drive north on La Honda Drive to the southern entrance to Daley Ranch. The trailhead is across the road from the information kiosk at the La Honda Drive entrance.
The elevation at the trail head is 1,198 feet. The highest point on the trail is 1,324 feet. This is the trail’s elevation from the hill looking down on the trailhead sign marking the end of the Creek Crossing trail. The altitude falls to 1247 feet as we hike down to the trailhead sign marking the end of the trail. At the trailhead sign we are about 75 feet below the trail’s highest point.
The Creek Crossing Trailhead sign indicates the length of the trail as 0.6 miles; however, as measured by the GPS unit, the length is 0.66 Miles long. The location and length of the trail can also be viewed on a map of Daley Ranch.
The trail is wide enough to accompany the ranger trucks that patrol the ranch. This makes for an easy trail to hike. The trails “moderate” rating comes from its shortness and the relatively few hills that must be climbed.
If you are using a GPS unit to track your hike it will be necessary to set the odometer on the GPS unit to zero. This should be done when standing beside the trail head sign.
About 100 feet down the trail is a view of the La Honda Drive parking lot. Just east of the parking lot is the entrance to the Dixon Lake Recreation Area. Walking north from the parking lot takes one past an information kiosk. The trailhead for the Creek Crossing Trail is to the east of the kiosk.
There are Our Lord’s Candles (Yucca whipplei) on both sides of the trail. Their tall flower stalks are replaced with seed-bearing fruit later in the season. The plant dies after its single flowering event...
Near the quarter mile mark from the trailhead is a view of Mount Woodson. The top of the mountain has several communication towers, but in our photo the mountain is too far distant to make out the towers.
The trail soon moves downhill to the creek crossing that gives the trail its name. The creek, when water is present, flows from north to south. The creek eventually empties into Dixon Lake.
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The trail goes up hill from the creek bed to an excellent view of downtown Escondido.
There are some rock outcroppings along the trail, where, in some instances, trees, both live and dead, protrude above the rocks. A short distance down the trail from the rock outcropping shown in the slide is a view of Dixon Lake.
Dixon Lake is along the southern border of Daley Ranch. The Creek Crossing trail provides some excellent views of the lake. None of the views, however, show the lake in its entirety.
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Daley Ranch is an excellent place for pet owners to exercise their dogs. Here we see two beautiful white dogs enjoying a stroll along the Creek Crossing Trail. (Note: the dogs might not be there when you get back to these GPS coordinates.)
Near the end of the trail are some excellent views of the hills to the east. The trail in the foreground is the East Ridge Trail.
From the highest point on the trail is a view of the trail’s end. The hill in the background is Stanley Peak. One can hike up Stanley Peak as it is a part of the Daley Ranch Preserve.
The trail ends with its intersection with the East Ridge Trail. If one turns left at the intersection they can follow the East Ridge trail west to the ranch house. If at the end of the Creek Crossing Trail one turns right onto East Ridge they will be hiking to the Sage Trail. The latter borders the east side of Daley Ranch.