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The Rocks and The Plants
  • All photos and text under The Rocks are from Rob Mustard.
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  • The Plants of Daley Ranch 2010 Checklist was created by James Dillane.
The Birds
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  • The Common Birds of Daley Ranch Checklist was created by Rob Mustard.
The Trails
The exhaustive information in each of the pages for the Daley Ranch trails is from William Sherrard's ebook A Hiker's Photo Guide to the Trails of Daley Ranch and Dixon Lake
And Also:
  • to Jack Pomeroy, for his wisdom on Geology;
  • to James Dillane, for opening our eyes to the Plants;
  • to Tom Lyon, for teaching us about the Birds;
  • to Bill Sherrard, for his beautiful photos and thoughtful words, and for wanting to share his passion of Daley Ranch;
  • to Sue Evarts, for almost turning me into a Naturalist (maybe someday I'll fledge!);
... and to my wife Mary Kelly, for letting me make this site finally happen.